Win Your Days 





Feel like you should be further along in life? 

Are you feeling…

  • Stuck?
  • Out of balance?
  • Unclear and uncertain?

Are you wondering...

  • Will I ever break through?
  • Why does life feel like such a grind?
  • If I only would have..._______________ my life would be so much better!

Those questions create a story that is NOT serving you!

I know because that's what held me back for so long. It's one of the most frustrating feelings because I didn't feel like I was winning my life.

Here is what I discovered... My identity is NOT anchored to my past. 


Yours isn’t either!

Download my Win Your Days Formula and have more good days!


Stuck, out of balance, unclear or uncertain ...

What if it didn't have to be that way?

You Will Feel Like a WINNER when...

  • Everyday you're highly focused
  • Your life satisfaction rises
  • You have increased energy all day
  • Your work efficiency increases
  • You bounce back from setbacks faster
  • You take time to rest and recover
  • You are unstoppable

 WIN and have more good days...

At Win Your Days we know that you want a healthy work/life balance. To do that, you need proven habits and practical strategies to get you there. The problem is you feel a sense of overwhelm which makes you feel stuck and unclear. We know our coaching will help you break through both personally and professionally. We know the frustration of feeling like you should be further along in life which is why we coach on proven habits and strategies that will move you forward faster ensuring your success. It is simple to get started.


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Casual conversation and brainstorm options 



Win Your Days by
Winning Your Marriage

If your relationship with the most important person in your life is going well, then it's easier to gain wins in the other areas of your life.

We offer a free 60-minute workshop to help you experience deeper connection, share greater intimacy, and create powerful synergy in your marriage.


Win Your Marriage

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Get to Know Me ...


Hi, I’m Jason, Certified High Performance Coach. When people ask me what I do for a living I simply say, “I win.” That’s all I’ve come to know and my mission is to help you win everyday of your life.

It hasn’t always been this way though. My father-in-law once asked me, “Is this really the life you have for my daughter?” Wendy and I were on food stamps at the time. Our fourth child, Sam, had just been born with special needs. Life wasn’t turning out the way I planned. 

I felt shame and judgement, but more than anything else, I felt like I was losing in life.



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Here's What Others Are Saying About Win Your Days...

“Win Your Days has been the best investment I have ever made professionally.” Eric Waechter, QuoHome Branch Manager

“I felt empowered during and after every session!” Andy Waterman - Broker/Owner at Waterman Real Estate

“Intentional mindfulness in all that I do is one of those all encompassing skills Win Your Days brought to light and has provided great value with consistent accountability and encouragement along the journey.” Chris Conneen - Founder & CEO at Higher Purpose Holdings

“I was feeling stuck and unmotivated. Now I’m excited about life again!” Dawn Carey - Realtor at RE/MAX Alternative

“Win Your Days has helped me walk through bettering myself as a person, business owner, father, and husband.” Shawn Sheibani - President at 1 Source Insurance Agency