A movement of men rising up to win in life, love and business.

FREE: 1 Hour LIVE Training with Coach Jason


The biggest arena you will ever play in is YOUR LIFE.

Everyday is game day!

  • There is no time to waste
  • There is no time for complacency
  • There is no time for average

BECAUSE YOU were built for GREATNESS and you have a LEGACY to leave.


That frustration of feeling like you are losing can make you think you're the problem!

I know because it's what held me back for so long. I discovered my problem wasn't me. My problem was I didn't have a system for winning in life.

Winning is a great feeling AND when you have the right system...

Winning becomes a habit in your life!


FREE: 1 Hour LIVE Training with Coach Jason

Through decades of experience both playing and coaching,
I've developed a system to help men WIN in the game of life.


My Win Your Days System


Stuck! Frustrated! Unclear! Know immediately what areas YOU need to focus on to gain the sense of freedom you want!

Game Plan

Unsure of how to move forward? Best next steps can seem illusive! No more. We will create a game plan to move you forward!


No more delay! No more waiting! Take action NOW! and gain the momentum you are looking for to move your life forward!


Winning is how you will feel implementing this Win Your Days Blueprint...confident, clear, energized, and productive in what matters most!

 WIN and have more good days...

Through Win Your Days coaching you will create the success you desire. Even the best get better and you can too. Following my system will lead you to more happiness, fulfillment, and true success. You will lead better at home and in business and that will bring you a greater sense of meaning and contentment. You will be bold, confident and energized. You will have a clear sense of goals and direction. You will become an unstoppable force for God and for good in this world!

3 questions every man ought to answer for himself...


1. Who am I?

2. What's my purpose?

3. How will I live my life?


Shortly after founding Trinity Fitness, I gathered my top leaders and together we scripted a dynamic I AM statement to remind our people who they are in this life. The statement is below and it remains painted on the walls of every Trinity Fitness location to this day.

A Warrior.

An Overcomer.
Powerful. Positive.
More Than A Conqueror.
Loved. Brave. Forgiven. Fearless.
Strong.  Courageous.  Unstoppable.
Able To Do All Things Through  CHRIST.

My List of 7s

Leaders are readers. Here is a list of my top 7 book recommendations by category. It's hard to choose only 7. Ultimately it came down to how each book personally impacted me in the particular seasons of my life. *Listed in no particular order.


The Bible
Abide In Christ - Murray
Spiritual Leadership - Sanders
The Circle Maker - Batterson
Purpose Driven Life - Warren
Calvary Road - Hesson
In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day - Batterson


The Bible
The Go Giver - Burg & Mann
The Energy Bus - Gordon
5 Dysfunctions of a CEO - Lencioni
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Covey
Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham - Shelley
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - Maxwell

Personal Growth

No Plan B for Your A Game - Eason
Everyday Hero Manifesto - Sharma
High Performance Habits - Burchard
The Power of One More - Mylett
Mindset - Dweck
War of Art - Pressfield
Think and Grow Rich - Hill


7 Men 7 Women - Mataxas
Unbroken - Hillenbrand
In Harm's Way - Stanton
Lone Survivor - Luttrell
Tortured for Christ - Wurmbrand
Coach Wooden - Williams
Endurance - Lansing

Get to Know the coach...


Hi, I’m Jason, Certified High Performance Coach, consultant, and inspirational speaker. When people ask me what I do for a living I simply say, “I win.” I know that in Christ I am more than a conqueror and my faith guides my life. I'm not just a positive thinker, I'm a possibility thinker because I believe with God all things are possible.

I haven't always felt like I was winning. My father-in-law once asked me, “Is this really the life you have for my daughter?” Wendy and I were on food stamps at the time and life wasn’t turning out the way I planned. 

I felt shame and judgement, but more than anything else, I felt like I was losing in life.

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