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Faith-based events...

Although faith was a big component of my upbringing, I did not make a personal decision to actively follow Christ until I was a student/athlete at the University of North Carolina. Living and sharing my faith became as natural as breathing. Through the years I've had the privilege of sharing faith-based messages and drawings to audiences both young and old. 

  • Disciples Only Beyond This Point
  • Don't Quit Just Before Your Breakthrough
  • Scholarshipped For Eternity

Schools and Corporate

As a former educator and CEO, I know the importance of creating a positive culture and establishing a healthy mindset. When I felt I was losing in life, I figured out how to tell myself a different story and that changed everything. Today I share these strategies from the stage while respecting religious and political boundaries. 

  • Bridges and Fences
  • One Simple Change
  • Work/Life Balance
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Faith-Based Topics...

  • Disciples Only Beyond This Point. Using his athletic background, Jason explains the difference between players and fans and relates the concept to discipleship. What if Jesus put a sign at the base of the mountain that read "Disciples Only Beyond This Point" and then started climbing. Audience members will walk away feeling inspired to walk more intimately with Jesus, trusting Him in all areas of their life.
  • Don't Quit Just Before Your Breakthrough. Jason's early days of speaking were rough, to say the least. He talks about his struggles, defeats, and finally his first triumph. It took grit and determination and God was in all of it. People's dreams are often closer than they think, but many quit just before the break through. Audience members will walk away with bolstered faith, fresh perspective and inspiration to follow their God-given calling and dream. 
  • Scholarshipped for Eternity. Jason shares his personal testimony of how he came to trust Jesus as his Lord and Savior as an 18 years old athlete playing wide receiver for the University of North Carolina. Being secure in your eternal destination makes all the difference. 

*Jason will also craft his message to your specific event theme.

Schools & Corporate

  • Bridges and Fences. Jason makes a compelling case for the beauty of respecting each other's differences. "My perspective is right, so yours must be wrong," builds fences in our world. What would our world look like if we respected each other's differences and built bridges instead of fences? Jason shares how "having to be right," is often a result of our own insecurities and leads to unfair judgements of others. Audience members will walk away with fresh perspective to respect one another's differences.
  • One Simple Change. Jason shares how his fitness company began with one person's decision to make a change. Going from his garage to 18 gyms nationally all because of the One Simple Change principle. Audience members will walk away with understanding the power of making One Simple Change and the 3 critical steps to achieve it.
  • Work/Life Balance. Your leaders will take Jason's Life Arenas Assessment to gauge where they are excelling and identify areas they need to direct more attention so they feel a greater sense of balance and well-being. Audience members will walk away knowing how to master their morning, focus their day, and finish strong. 

*Jason will also craft his message to your specific event theme.

My Speaking Journey...

After playing division 1 college football my plan was to teach and coach for the rest of my life. All that changed when God put a dream in my heart of being an inspirational speaker and coach.

With the help of an old friend, I learned how to draw with chalk and perform ultra fast chalk drawings in front of my live audiences. As a result, my audience members not only hear the message, they watch it come to life before their eyes.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking all across America and beyond to both Christian and secular audiences. From public schools to major corporations to a multitude of faith-based venues, I’ve found that art and story bridge the gap from the brain to the heart.

In 2008, I founded Trinity Fitness out of my garage. By 2018 we had 18 gyms across multiple states and I served as the CEO for the first 13 years. 

In 2020, I started coaching others, helping them with personal growth and leadership development. The same strategies I implemented over two decades ago to start winning my days I now pass on to others through a coaching relationship.

In 2021, I moved on from my CEO role with Trinity Fitness so that I can pick up the dream of speaking again. Today I focus solely on influencing and serving others through speaking and coaching helping them move towards excellence and away from mediocrity.

My goal is for everyone I come in contact with to be inspired to win their days too.

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