Bringing Intentionality Back ... So You Feel Alive, purposeful, and Connected




It's easy for couples to lose their intentionality and drift apart.

Drifting apart...

...never happens on purpose. It happens slowly, overtime, little by little. Soon after, you're just going through the motions feeling disconnected. Arguments are more frequent and intensified, common ground lessens, and the  sense of togetherness is gone.

Don't let this be your story.

No matter what stage of marriage you’re in, it’s easy to start feeling disconnected from your spouse. You can even start to blame yourself.


Can we ease your mind a bit?


The truth is, marriage is not easy at any age or stage. With a culture that rewards long work hours compounded by the distraction of social media it’s easier than ever to start feeling disconnected from the person you should feel closest to. You are not alone.

Win Your Marriage will...

  • Renew your sense of excitement and fun
  • Deepen your communication
  • Help you be fully present in the moments
  • Deepen your trust
  • Help you find common ground
  • Help you speak each other’s language
  • Raise your energy levels as a couple

At Win Your Marriage...

We know that you want to experience deeper connection and find common ground. In order to do that, you need to synergize and set your intentions as a couple. The problem is couples lose focus and drift which makes your marriage feel disconnected and stale. We believe you just need to hit the reset button. We understand what it's like to fight for a great marriage which is why we have been advising and mentoring couples for 2 decades.

Here's how we do it: 1. Download our 3-2-1 PDF and implement that strategy into your marriage. 2. Attend our next Free Win Your Marriage Workshop.

Stop the drift and instead begin growing closer together.


1. DOWNLOAD 3-2-1

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Talk with
Jason & Wendy


Get to know Jason and Wendy...

We have been married for over 29 years and raised four children together. Early in our marriage we struggled on food stamps. During that time our fourth child, Sam, was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and has had 33 surgeries during the first 17 years of his life.

Additional challenges followed as we faced a teen suicide attempt. Soon after we found ourselves navigating a teen pregnancy.

With every challenge came more determination, strength, and purpose.

Today our family is thriving. Three of our kids are married and establishing lives and families of their own.

Then May 7, 2020 happened. No, not COVID. This was something more personal. Sitting in the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, Dr. Pena walked in and said, “It’s Parkinson’s Disease.” At the age of 48, Wendy was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

We believe everything happens for us, not to us. Finding the good, I (Wendy) am determined to be the healthiest person on the planet with this disease.

As part of our life's mission together we help couples thrive in their marriages in spite of what life may throw at them.