Win Your Marriage Workshop

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What if you could experience deeper connection, share greater intimacy, and create powerful synergy within your marriage? We all want that, right?

The problem is, life happens to all of us. The pace quickens. Life gets more complex, your time gets divided, and you lose focus. You gradually lose sight of your intentions for your marriage, and it becomes easy to feel you and your spouse are going 100 mph in different directions.

We’ve been there too.

Having four kids in four years, one with special needs requiring a myriad of medical procedures, care, and 33 surgeries, our family was divided. Wendy would spend extended stays at Arnold Palmer Hospital with Sam while I, Jason was home with our other three trying to keep things going. We were also starting a couple of new businesses during that time.

As you can imagine, several times over the years we felt we were growing more apart than together.

What we discovered is that it’s never too late to reset your intentions. It’s never too late to level up and create the marriage you want.

We’ve also discovered that there is always another level. No matter how good your marriage is now, how can you get to the next level and be the power couple you were meant to be?

That’s where we will take you.

What you will take away from the workshop…

  1. Define and design your ideal marriage
  2. Discover the “WHY” for the importance of having a happy, fulfilling marriage.
  3. Experience a sense of community with like-minded couples wanting to WIN their marriage along with you.

Sometimes it’s hard to commit to a marriage workshop because you feel like you are admitting something is wrong with your marriage. Think of it like this, to be great at anything you have to practice a lot. We don’t ever want you to stop practicing in the most important relationship you have - each other.

We would love to have you join us.

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Win Your Marriage Workshop

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About Jason and Wendy Palmisano

Jason and Wendy have been married for over 28 years and have raised four children together. Early on in their marriage they struggled on food stamps. During that time their fourth child, Sam, was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and has had 33 surgeries during the first 17 years of his life.

Statistically, 90% of marriages end in divorce when a child with special needs is born into the family. Despite the challenges, Jason and Wendy grew closer and stronger.

Additional challenges would follow. The Palmisano family was rocked when they faced a teen suicide attempt. Soon after they found themselves navigating a teen pregnancy.

With every challenge came strength and purpose.

Today their family is thriving. Three out of their four kids are married and establishing lives and families of their own.

Then May 7, 2020 happened. No, not COVID. This was something more personal. Sitting in the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, Dr. Pena walked in and said, “It’s Parkinson’s Disease.” At the age of 48, Wendy was diagnosed with Parkinsons.

Jason and Wendy believe everything happens for them, not to them. Finding the good, Wendy determined to be the healthiest person on the planet with this disease.

Jason made a career change and now together they’re on a mission to help other couples thrive in their marriages in spite of what life may throw at them.